Monday, July 7, 2014

Birthday Cake: Take it for What it is

Happy Monday dear friends! Its been far too long and suddenly its July 7th. I don't even know what happened to June. Let's go over a few things.

--> you should read this. Its a spectacular list that's simple and to the point and spot on.

---> birthdays are for celebrating. If anyone tells you differently about birthdays after a "certain age", tell them to stop being a party pooper ASAP.

---> although I spend a large majority of my time making healthy choices when it comes to all things cooking, birthday cakes are one area I don't go crazy on the healthifying. Its the one time of year I go for pretty drizzle and sprinkled Snickers and only make a few minimal substitutions on my hubby's cake. He eats my avocado-beet-chocolatey health desserts the other 364 days of the years. But birthday=Snickers ice cream cake (make the brownies from scratch to really amp it up!). Whoamygosh. It was as glutenous and dairyous as they come, but the rumor mill said it was delicious. As much as I'd love to pretend I could think up this creation, I found this recipe right here! Highly recommended for any birthday bash you're throwing soon. ;)

---> you should listen to this. It makes me happy and daydream about all the wonderful people I love.

---> I'm pretty sure parents get cooler every year you get older. That, or I was just a little bit clueless about their coolness for a few years way back when?

---> there are real perks to cruisin' the interstate before the sunrise on a weekly basis. Case in point: beautiful sunrises (out the car window of course).

That completes my list of must-shares!! I hope you get to enjoy a little sunshine today; don't forget your SPF 50. ;)