Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Packing Lunch

OH MY GOSH. Its been SIX weeks since I last blogged! I'm beyond sorry for that. I can blame the last 4 weeks on my lack of internet at home (that's right, off the grid!) but the two weeks before that I must be shamed for. But let's not keep dwelling on this awfulness, let's talk about more fun things instead.

How was your summer?! I say this in past tense because school started this week so its officially fall (without the fall weather, of course)! Mine went fast (such a generic statement, I know) but it ended really great for these three reasons:

1. My husband and I did a leapfrog half marathon (2 people + 1 bike +13.1 miles)! He might answer differently, but I say it was fun. ;)

2. I ate squash from my garden! Some awful bugs got to the plants before I could get many full-sized squash, but hey, some is better than none!

3. We frolicked in Colorado! I never get sick of those mountain views (or the lovely elevation that makes you feel like a champ post-run).

Enough about my life. Let's talk about packing lunch! Whether you're in school or working full-time, bringing your own lunch is an obvious smart choice, what with the money saving and healthier options. This applies to traveling as well! From traveling this summer I upped my food packing performance, so today I'm sharing my go-tos!

1. Canned tuna.
           That's right, tuna. You can get soy-free without added salt at Trader Joe's! I mix mine with half an avocado and a bit of lemon juice, mustard and dill relish. Serve it with gluten-free crackers or rice cakes and BAM that's a cheap (and quick) lunch!

2. Oatmeal packets. 
          I got this idea from Healthful Pursuit! All you do is measure your oats and chia seeds/whatever else you cook up into a small baggy and bring along a Tupperware container to mix it with hot water. This is great, since breakfast is the hardest part of traveling with food allergies (at least for me). Bring along your toppings too, if you'd like!

3. Coconut butter squeeze packets.
            Or any nut butter in a squeeze packet! Usually I prefer to buy full size since its cheaper by the ounce, but the squeeze packets A) fit way better into a cooler or lunch box and B) you don't have to worry about not screwing the lid on tight and ending up with 10 ounces of sunbutter in your cooler. Squeeze it on your oatmeal, fruit, crackers, an english muffin, or just eat it straight up! So good.
 4. Trader Joe's Roasted Plantain Chips
Whoa, these are the best ones I've ever had. They aren't quite sweet, and they come in 6 ounce bags for $1.69! Even I get sick of eating apples, so this is a great alternative to snacking on fruit on the go.

5. A reusable water bottle (or two)
          I know this sounds like a given, but for some reason I have a tendency to forget to grab a few! You save so much money not having to buy bottled water at gas stations or drink straight from the water fountain at work!

That's all for today, I must get back to being a grad student I suppose (boo!). I'll be back SO much sooner than last time around! Au revoir!